Some performance update from the date of launch of ForexTeam app

We achieved amazing results from the launch of ForexTeam app. Please, see the info & photos in this report.

Forex Team SIA launched mobile app “ForexTeam” in March 2017 and we would like to show you some important results:

1. Number of live members = 42770

2. Number of Premium users = 1997

3. Number of closed trades = 1249

4. Profit in pips (points) = +5949
forex team app automated trading online 2018_11
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ForexTeam app v1.0.3 (68) for iPhone is available in App Store


We are glad to introduce our ForexTeam app’s update v.1.0.3 (68) for iPhone in App Store.
In app’s version 1.0.3 (68) our users have new trading features:

New features in menu “Trading settings” for automated trading risk management:

1. automatic calculation of trading lot for each copied signal, depending on your trading deposit and other trading parameters
2. control your trading risk, managing the value of trading risk level (% of your trading deposit)
3. current value of Equity in Metatrader (value update in real-time, every 10 min.)

New features in menu “Manage copied signals”:

1. value in pips (profit / loss) for each copied signal (value update in real-time, every 3 sec.)

download forexteam app App Store Apple

If you are Android user please click here.

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