TradeStocksApp – mobile app solution for stock trading

TradeStocksApp mobile app for short-term trading
Our Team have developed and launched mobile app, which is appropriate for all types of stock and forex traders: newbies, experienced and professional traders.

Our AI (artificial intelligence) trading robots monitor and research weekly 3000+ stocks in Europe and USA, 100+ currency pairs etc. TradeStocksApp provides you short-term Buy / Sell trading signals with orders duration about 1 week – 1 month.

More information about TradeStocksApp you will find on our website Try it for free!

ForexTeam app technical problem

Update / 08.05.2020

We’d like to inform you, that today we have successfully resolved technical problem.
We did important tech improvements.

Thank you for your patience!

ForexTeam Support


Dear users,

Today (04.05.2020) we are working to resolve technical problem with Forex Team app.
We will report you as soon as we fix this technical problem.

We apologize for this situation,
ForexTeam Support Team