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you can download updated ForexTeam App from Google Play.

New features in ForexTeam App:

+ quick, interactive access to trading analysis reports (menu “Active signals”, top info line)

+ detailed information about closed signals (menu “Closed signals”,click on closed signals)

+ simple signals stats for requried period of time (menu “Closed signals”, filter)

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Trading statement of ForexTeam user from UK / +217,63 eur in 1 day

Hey guys,

hope you trading well and here is trading statement of ForexTeam user from UK, he shared his results from 15.06.2017.

automated forex trading with ForexTeam App free signals 15062017

He copy forex signals from ForexTeam App in his Metatrader 4 account automatically and his yesterday’s profit was +217,63 eur! Well done, you earned some money for steak with red wine))

Good trades,

P.S. You can compare his Metatrader results with our App’s closed signals 😉