Trading performance of ForexTeam user from Germany: +396 eur

Hey there,

this Metatrader screenshot sent us our user from Germany. Robert copy ForexTeam trading signals automatically in Metatrader platform and yesterday night (09.06.2017) he got passive profit of 396 eur!
Robert next time we drink bier together, you pay ))

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Today’s trading performance of ForexTeam member from India

Hello everybody,

We would like to share with you today’s trading performance)
Our registered member from India sent us his today’s automated trading performance, he copy our free forex signals automatically in his Metatrader 4 account.

His today’s (16.05.2017) passive forex income is 161,11 usd.

Kumar आप भाग्यशाली लड़के हैं !

ForexTeam app intraday forex signals_our member 1 day forex performance

His trading settings:

1. Trading deposit = 5000 usd
2. Defualt lot for 1 trade = 0.2 (leverage 1:100)
3. Software: ForexTeam app and ForexTeam client-adviser for Metatrader 4

Very nice trading results,